Salary & Benefits


Residents will be employees of the Billings Clinic. The 2017-18 salary levels are as follows. View the sample Graduate Medical Training Agreement.

Annual Gross Salary

Postgraduate Year 1 $56,781.00
Postgraduate Year 2 $60,336.00
Postgraduate Year 3 $63,735.00

Health and Dental Insurance

Billings Clinic Human Resources will inform residents of various medical and dental insurance plans and options at the earliest opportunity so that residents may enroll early in an appropriate insurance plan.

Technology Package

Benefits include a smartphone and a laptop computer.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides mental health services as an integral component of our employee health program.


Residents will be eligible for a wellness benefit through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana that offers a low monthly fee of $25 to belong to over six local gyms throughout the Billings area.


Facilities and amenities available to resident’s on-call include sleeping rooms, shower facilities, secure lockers, cafeteria and vending food services.


The program provides residents with four wellness half days, which can be taken in Ambulatory, Subspecialty or Elective rotations.

We will start interviewing applicants from late October to January.