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Brian Reidy, DO

Where are you from?
Newman Lake, Washington
What are your learning and teaching interest areas?
I am interested in hospital medicine and learning how to teach patients and peers effectively as a resident and ultimately an attending.
What excites you the most about starting residency?
I am excited to take the next step in my career. I look forward to the intense personal growth I will obtain over the next three years which will hopefully shape me into a caring and knowledgeable provider.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
I like to explore the great outdoors via hiking and backpacking. I am also an avid film and video game connoisseur.
What are some of your academic achievements?
Graduated with a BS in Biology from Washington State University. Spent three years working in an evolutionary biology research lab studying self-replicating plants. Spent three years teaching Gross Anatomy. I graduated from Des Moines University College of Medicine in May.

We will start interviewing applicants from late October to January.