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James Butler, MD

Where are you from?
Reading, England (United Kingdom)
What are your learning and teaching interest areas?
I’ve spent the last year teaching a large group of interns, and find the transition phase between student and practicing clinician fascinating. Teaching simulation, clinical skills and practical procedures has been particularly fun. I’ve been learning about clinical education and different aspects of teaching and want to continue to develop my skills in this area.
What excites you the most about starting residency?
The chance to live, work and learn in a new country, and working in a place with a great educational focus.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
I enjoy surfing and hiking. Surfing might be more difficult in Montana, so I’m looking at getting a paddleboard or taking up snowboarding. I’m looking forward to living in Montana with the amazing wildlife and landscape to explore.
What are some of your academic achievements?
I’m completing a Postgraduate Certificate of Clinical Education, which I hope to eventually take to a full Masters. I’ve been working on a couple of article on near peer teaching which I will submit for publishing before I move to the US. I’m also a Collegiate Member of the Royal College of Physicians (London), having completed their internal medicine entrance exams in 2016.

We will start interviewing applicants from late October to January.