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Lauren Thom, MB BS

Where are you from?
I was born in Toronto but spent most of the past 15 years between Whistler and Vancouver.
Where did you attend medical school?
I attended the Graduate Entry Medical School at the University of Limerick, Ireland.
What are your learning and teaching interest areas?
I chose Internal Medicine because of the diversity and complexity of the cases that are encountered. I love the challenge of determining how each patient’s complaint fits into the web of physical, mental, and environmental factors that constitute health and illness. At the moment, I am absolutely fascinated with Gastroenterology and Immunology but I am sure that I will develop new interests as residency progresses.
What excites you the most about our new program?
I am thrilled that I get to learn from such warm, passionate faculty members. I am fortunate to be in a program where the leaders take such care in tending to the individual needs and career goals of the residents. The rural medicine aspect of the program is very attractive, as is the opportunity to work with native populations. I am also very excited about the outdoor recreation opportunities that are available in the region and plan to take full advantage of them.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
Traveling, hiking, skiing, trail running, camping and exploring the outdoors. I also do a lot of yoga and spend as much time as possible with my husband, friends and family.

We will start interviewing applicants from late October to January.