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Robert Ficalora, MD, FACP Program Director

Billings Clinic Profile

Robert D Ficalora, MD, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Ficalora currently serves as the Program Director of Internal Medicine Residency here at Billings Clinic. Dr. Ficalora mentors students, residents and faculty though their respective career and is a role he considers most important – and a most pleasant challenge.

Before 2013, Dr. Ficalora held the rank of Associate Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, where he worked concurrently as Chair of Education Information Technology and Senior Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program for the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education as well as Chair of Fourth Year Medicine at the Mayo Medical School. Dr. Ficalora completed his undergraduate work at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT and later went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine at SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine. Afterwards Dr. Ficalora completed his Residency Training at Baystate Medical Center, the Western Campus of Tufts University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ficalora brings tremendous experience to the Internal Medicine Residency team. Dr. Ficalora is extremely excited to be a part of Billings Clinic’s Internal Medicine Residency program. Dr. Ficalora believes it is an exciting opportunity having a new education program in an environment of excellent quality and safety, care of the underserved, and a patient-centered medical home, while innovating in a new environment.

Outside of work Dr. Ficalora likes to restore antiques, do home improvements and spend time with his wife and five children. Dr. Ficalora also enjoys staying in touch with physicians who he has trained, but who seek occasional advice as they reach new stages of their career development.

Honors for Dr. Ficalora include:

Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Residency – Outstanding Teacher Of Physical Exam Skills (2012)
Mayo Clinic Division of General Internal Medicine Excellence in Education Award (2011)
Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine Innovations in Education Award (2010)
Mayo Awards for Excellence – Excellence Through Teamwork Award for the Integrated Scheduling and Evaluation System Implementation Team (2007)
Mayo Clinic Mayo Fellows Association Teacher of the Year (2007)
Mayo Internal Medicine Residents award for “Outstanding Teacher of Physical Exam Skills (2006)
Mayo Clinic Mayo Fellows Association Teacher of the Year (2005)
Mayo Medical School Department of Medicine Education Award (2005)
Internal Medicine Residency Outstanding Teacher in Physical Diagnosis (2005)
Mayo Medical School Award for Excellence in Teaching (2005)


Dr. Ficalora has countless publications related to his various contributions to science.

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Integrated Scheduling and Evaluation System patent application with MMV, 2004
Continuous internal statistical validation of learner assessment -Pat Pending with MMV, 2005.

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