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Thomas Brockhoft, MD

Where are you from?
I grew up in Winner, South Dakota.
What are your learning and teaching interest areas?
As a medical student, I had the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in nine states around several regions of the country. When I arrived at Billings Clinic for my sub-internship, I received a warm welcome and learned much during the rotation. During those four weeks, I saw a residency program dedicated to its residents, residents who respected their faculty and leadership, and a unified team of physicians advocating for patient health. I look forward to growing as a young physician in this environment, and I am very excited for the wealth of knowledge that will be gained in the coming years as I work alongside an exceptional team of physicians.
What excites you the most about starting residency?
I am very excited to be coming back home for residency. I am excited to continue growing and challenging myself as a clinician. I foresee my role as an intern to be drastically different from my role as a student and I am excited to move into this new role.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
I enjoy unwinding in the great outdoors and can be found biking or fishing in the summer, hunting in the fall, and skiing in the winter. I also enjoy running and playing basketball. If I am not studying, I like to keep myself busy with DIY projects and helping out on my family’s cattle ranch while visiting home.
What are some of your academic achievements?
During medical school, I was fortunate to have been a four-time recipient of the Geoffrey H. Bourne Scholarship, an award for students displaying high integrity, motivation, and academic excellence. I also had the opportunity to serve my peers as a class representative after being elected to my medical school’s Student Government Association.
Prior to attending medical school, I received my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where I minored in Chemistry and Humanities in Medicine.

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