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TyaJean Mabee, MD

Where are you from?
Montana. Grew up south of Roundup and graduated high school from Lavina, MT in a class of 8.
What are your learning and teaching interest areas?
I enjoy critical care procedures and management of multiple pathologies. I am also interested in becoming certified to teach CPR/ACLS to further develop my skills in these areas.
What excites you the most about starting residency?
I am very excited to be coming back home for residency. I am excited to continue growing and challenging myself as a clinician. I foresee my role as an intern to be drastically different from my role as a student and I am excited to move into this new role.
How do you spend your time outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My fiancé and I enjoy backpacking with our dogs in various areas around Montana. I also enjoy getting together with my mom and sisters and taking turns hosting family dinners. I enjoy spending my summers outside gardening and when it is too cold to go outside I enjoy quilting. I also enjoy reading and running with my dogs.
What are some of your academic achievements?
I am the youngest of six and a first-generation college graduate. I attended Montana State University Billings for my undergraduate degree while also working full-time at St. Vincent’s Healthcare. I was on the Dean’s List throughout medical school and graduated with highest of honors in May.

We will start interviewing applicants from late October to January.