Applicant FAQs

What is your application deadline? We will begin accepting applications once ERAS opens and we review applications through 12/31. However, early application is encouraged as interview slots are limited.
When are your interviews? We will begin interviewing in early October and continue through January.
How many positions are available? We will have 4 preliminary and 8 categorical positions.
What USMLE exams are necessary to complete? All applicants must pass Step 1 and, before graduation, they must be scheduled to take Step 2. Non-U.S. medical school applicants must pass Steps 1 and 2 in order to be ECFMG certified.
Do you accept COMLEX scores in place of USMLE scores? Yes.
Do you have a minimum USMLE score? USMLE or COMLEX scores are considered in the context of the complete application package. We have no minimum score requirement but a competitive score will increase the strength of your application.
Is U.S. clinical experience required for international graduates? U.S. clinical experience is not required, but it is highly encouraged. International graduates who don’t have this experience should provide a letter of recommendation attesting to excellent clinical communication skills. Please note that we do not count externships, observerships, or research work as clinical experience.
Which visas does Billings Clinic sponsor? Only J1-Visas are considered or you must be a citizen or permanent resident.
What are your Resident salary, benefits, and contract information? View Salary and Benefits
View a Sample Contract
Do you offer preliminary positions? Yes, we offer 4 Preliminary Medicine positions.
Do you hire first year residents in lieu of the NRMP match? No.
Do you offer visiting resident/medical student rotations? Yes, to apply for visiting rotations. Click here for more information.
Do you participate in the couples match? Yes.
Do you provide smartphones and computers? We offer a technology package consisting of a laptop computer and secure web access for clinical applications, and online library.

We will start interviewing applicants from early October to January.