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Kale Knudson, MDFaculty & Graduate

I spent my first year of internal medicine residency training at the University of Michigan. This was my top choice as I was undecided regarding a future specialty and was impressed by the large academic center setting. I learned a tremendous amount about patient care and worked with some of the finest physicians in the country. Despite the program’s emphasis on specialized medicine, I loved my primary care clinic which solidified my interest in becoming a general internist.

After this discovery, I felt the need to transfer programs as I wanted to learn how to manage patients resembling those in my home state of Montana. When the opportunity presented itself for me to transfer to the Billings Clinic Internal Medicine Residency, I knew it was the perfect chance for me to work with outstanding faculty, residents and healthcare professionals and develop into a strong general internist for my home state. Upon transferring, my expectations met reality – the residency has outstanding general internist and sub-specialty faculty from all parts of the country. More importantly, the residency continues to have a clear and rooted vision of training generalist physicians to serve rural areas.

Fortunately, I have been offered a teaching physician position at the Billings Clinic Internal Medicine Residency starting in 2017. My focus will be primary care, an area of medicine I truly enjoy given ongoing patient relationships and the variety of medicine. In addition, I find navigating complex local and regional medical systems and managing chronic disease for my patients both challenging and rewarding. The demand for strong primary care physicians who can expertly “manage” complex patients continues to rise and I’m excited to be part of this frontline in medicine.

We will start interviewing applicants from early October to January.